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Lilith Skirt

by - October 16, 2020


Plaid mini skirt with chain detail belt
Twenty swatches
HQ mod compatible
Custom thumbnail

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  1. Hi I am wondering for your Custom Content design's could you not have the ones that are released to the public to be downloaded as normal meaning that they are not public Free Ad-Fly because i am unable to download your beautiful creations which i dearly love my Sims to be wearing. I am always advise that you should not download anything that has Ad-Fly because it may carry a virus and do something to my computer so that I can't use it.

    1. Hi, I download other creators' cc through ad-fly links all the time and have never had any issues. But if you really don't want to click the ad-fly links, please send me a direct message through Tumblr stating what items you would like to download and I'll send them to you directly. Hope this helps